• Is the StrongT (AVM B1 PCI V4) a "real" Transputer ?

    From Mike B.@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 4 13:58:23 2016
    Today I run my rspy version against the StrongT.

    A few point to note:

    2.) DeviceID (lddevid) is 64

    That was wrong. It's 0x64 (100). This means Part 10 (unspecified) & Rev A

    rspy /ZMX /L

    # Part rt Link0 Link1 Link2 Link3 RAM@cycle
    0 ???? 0 636K ... ... ... 1024K@0.
    # 2K block at #801007FC, bits in error #FAF22470, stuck at 1 test

    The Link speed under DOS (B004 polling) is 636K.
    Clock Rate (measured with ldc 2800; shl) is not meaningful.
    Memory size is exact 1Meg
    Memory speed is e.g. lower than 1 cycle (measured with move)


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