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    Delaili Hayrat: A Collection of Prayers and Blessings for the Prophet Muhammad Delaili Hayrat (The Guide to Goodness) is a famous book of Islamic devotional literature that contains various prayers and blessings for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The book was compiled by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli (d. 1465),
    a Moroccan scholar and Sufi master, who was inspired by a vision of the Prophet while he was looking for water to perform ablution. The book consists of eight chapters, each containing different forms of praise and supplication for the Prophet, such as
    his names, his attributes, his miracles, his family, his companions, and his intercession. The book also includes the famous prayer of Dala'il al-Khayrat, which is recited daily by millions of Muslims around the world.

    The book is widely regarded as one of the most influential and popular works of Islamic spirituality, and has been translated into many languages and printed in numerous editions. It is also a source of blessing and protection for those who recite it
    with sincerity and devotion. The book is especially recommended for those who seek the love and closeness of the Prophet, and who hope for his intercession on the Day of Judgment.

    delaili hayrat pdf indir 40
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    One of the online sources where you can download the PDF version of Delaili Hayrat is [^1^], which offers the original Arabic text along with a Turkish translation. Another source is [^2^], which provides a PDF document with images of the manuscript
    pages from the Walters Art Museum. You can also find an English translation of Delaili Hayrat at [^3^], which is based on an Ottoman Turkish edition.

    The benefits of reciting Delaili Hayrat are many and varied. Some of the benefits are mentioned by the author himself in the introduction of the book, such as forgiveness of sins, increase of sustenance, protection from calamities, fulfillment of needs,
    removal of difficulties, acceptance of prayers, attainment of high ranks, and witnessing of the Prophet in dreams. Other benefits are reported by the scholars and saints who have experienced the blessings of the book, such as seeing the Prophet in
    reality, receiving his guidance and assistance, obtaining his love and friendship, and being among his companions in Paradise.

    The etiquette of reciting Delaili Hayrat is also important to observe in order to maximize its effects. Some of the etiquette are to be in a state of purity, to face the direction of prayer, to sit in a respectful posture, to recite with attention and
    reverence, to invoke blessings upon the Prophet before and after each chapter, to repeat each chapter at least once, to recite the whole book at least once a week, preferably on Friday, and to share the book with others and encourage them to recite it as

    The history of Delaili Hayrat is also fascinating and inspiring. The book was composed by Shaykh al-Jazuli after he traveled extensively in search of knowledge and spiritual guidance. He settled in a town called Jazula in Morocco, where he established a
    Sufi lodge and taught his disciples. One day, he was looking for water to perform ablution, but he could not find any. He asked a young girl for help, and she pointed him to a well. He asked her how she knew about the well, and she replied that she
    learned it from the Prophet himself. Shaykh al-Jazuli was amazed and asked her how she saw the Prophet. She said that she saw him every time she recited Delaili Hayrat. Shaykh al-Jazuli realized that he had missed a great treasure, and he asked her to
    teach him the book. He then memorized it and added some more prayers and blessings to it. He also had a vision of the Prophet, who approved his work and promised him great rewards. The book soon spread among the Muslims and became a source of light and
    guidance for many generations.

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