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    Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2: A Versatile Collection of Keyboard Instruments for KONTAKT
    If you are looking for a wide range of keyboard sounds for your music production, you might want to check out Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2, a library of sampled keyboard instruments for KONTAKT. This library contains over 10 GB of sounds,
    including traditional keyboards like pianos, organs, electric pianos, clavinets, and harpsichords, as well as mutilated instruments that have been processed and manipulated to create new and unique textures.

    Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 (KONTAKT)
    DOWNLOAD https://t.co/uVwP1zpbI7

    Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 is the latest version of the library, which was released in February 2020 by Daniel Silva, a Brazilian musician and sound designer. The library features improved sound quality, new presets, and more options for
    customization. You can tweak the parameters of each instrument, such as volume, pan, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, filter, and envelope. You can also layer up to four instruments together to create rich and complex multis.

    The library is compatible with KONTAKT 5.8 or higher and requires a full version of KONTAKT to run. It is not compatible with the free KONTAKT Player. You can download the library from the official Facebook page of Daniel Silva[^1^] or from various
    torrent sites[^2^] [^3^]. However, we recommend that you support the original developer and purchase the library if you like it.

    Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 is a great addition to any KONTAKT user's arsenal of keyboard sounds. It offers a variety of sounds that can suit different genres and styles of music. Whether you need a classic piano sound or a futuristic synth pad,
    you can find it in this library.

    To give you an idea of what Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 sounds like, you can watch a video demonstration by Soundkandy Studio on YouTube[^1^]. In this video, you can hear some of the presets and multis that are included in the library, as well as
    some of the effects and parameters that you can adjust. The video also shows the user interface of the library, which is simple and intuitive.

    Some of the users who have tried Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 have left positive feedback on various websites and forums. For example, on Reddit, one user commented: "This is a great library. I love the sounds and the versatility. It's perfect for
    any genre of music."[^3^] Another user said: "I bought this library a few days ago and I'm very impressed. The quality is amazing and the price is very reasonable. It's one of the best keyboard libraries I've ever used."[^4^]

    If you are interested in Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2, you can visit the official Facebook page of Daniel Silva[^1^] to get more information and updates. You can also contact him directly if you have any questions or suggestions. He is very
    friendly and responsive to his customers.

    Kollection KEYS – NEWKEYS v2.2 is a must-have library for any KONTAKT user who loves keyboard sounds. It offers a huge variety of sounds that are realistic, creative, and inspiring. Whether you need a warm piano sound or a glitchy synth sound, you
    can find it in this library.

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