• Re: I am useless fag but I eat shit like no one does want me to show yo

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    I am also stupid brit who uses Oulook express.
    My mom was a whore too, so what?

    But hey I eat shit like no one else.

    aha, way to fuck up your headers Steve..
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    Notice the " " <jamesb...@btopenworld.com>"@orngca-mls02.socal.rr.com" ?
    So frickin' WAY are any of _my_ posts coming from SoCal :)
    I'm Stewart Neal Bowman, a shit eating loser in Lexington, Kentucky USA.
    I'd like to share this video of a hot 21 year old Black Man slapping the fuck out of my face, then while I suck his big black cock be spits in my eyes and shits in my mouth, pisses in my mouth and cums in my mouth.
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    Stewart Neal Bowman
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