• Surprising.

    From James Schofield@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 24 06:31:10 2023
    Wow.. I figured since the Amiga user base was that much larger than the
    Atari there would still be activity on the Amiga news groups. Now maybe
    there is more in the games, or announce etc.. but I am really a
    hardware guy and more interested here.

    I am on my TT030 Atari right now using a client to get on newsgroups. I
    am going to be building up my A500 soon. Really had intended it to be a
    WHDLOAD machine, but who knows.. I have a PIStorm I could put in it..
    OR a TF534 .. or something like that.. so I could do more with it. Not
    sure yet.


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