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    Hello Net folks: I heard some mention of a couple public domain type
    SCSI tape drivers either in development, or completed in use. If anyone knows where a driver can be obtained, PLEASE leave me E-Mail.

    I'm working on a SCSI tape backup program which should be ready in a couple of months (once I clear out a bunch of other stuff I gotta do). One of
    the problems inherent in this is that not all Amiga SCSI host adaptor drivers (software) support SCSIDirect commands, and some of the ones that do (mostly the CBM 2090s and their cousins) do some weird stuff to the SCSI device IDs. Also, tape drives behave differently depending on which SCSI command you
    send them.
    Tape backup and restore is pretty minimal, since it's doing one simple
    thing, and the program has complete control over it. If you are looking
    for a tape-based filesystem, uh, well that's not so easy. The Amiga file- system is designed for random access operation. Tapes don't do that very well. They can be done, but they're gawdawfully slow. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [- O] Rick Stevens
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    good point

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