• Re: Xircom PCMCIA support for A1200?

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    On Tuesday, January 11, 2000 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, Chris Sumner wrote:
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    I have a Xircom 10/100 ethernet adaptor which I thought I would try in my >A1200 PCMCIA slot, which will then attach to my ethernet network. Firstly >does anyone know if there is a driver for Xircom cards? Secondly I am aware >there is a hardware problem on the A1200 Gayle chip where the cc_reset line >does not work - I have a circuit fix which requires a bit of fiddling, but >my question is - does this problem occur on all manufactured A1200, or were >some later boards known to be 'bug free'. If I cant get drivers for the >Xircom, I have seen Eyetech here in the UK sell cards with drivers... >although it would be good not having to shell out more money!
    I wouldn't recommend the 10/100 adaptor, as it is likely to be a cardbus device, which won't work on the A1200. However I have a Toshiba branded Xircom 10-baseT (2) card (pce2-10bc) for which I intend to write
    drivers, if I can find time.
    Have you thought about swapping it for a different type of ethernet
    card? I'm sure a laptop-owning PC user would like to have 100base
    ethernet :)
    Chris Sumner

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