• Is 95% battery life still good after getting an Intel MBP in the end of

    From Ant@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 18 03:45:18 2021

    Is 95% battery life still good after getting an 13" Intel MBP in the end
    of 2020 from Apple.com? https://i.redd.it/7udpdde758o71.gif for a screen shot/capture from coconutBattery app in macOS Big Sur v11.6.

    Thank you for reading and hopefully answering. :)
    So many leaks (liquid [need a plumber for my body too] and digital types), issues, software updates, free game trials, etc. Also, BUSY and tired! :(
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  • From Jolly Roger@21:1/5 to Ant on Sat Sep 18 15:46:23 2021
    On 2021-09-18, Ant <ant@zimage.comANT> wrote:

    Is 95% battery life still good after getting an 13" Intel MBP in the
    end of 2020 from Apple.com?

    It's certainly not /abnormal/, if that's what you are asking.

    *All* batteries have limited lifespans and must eventually be replaced.
    The minute they leave the factory, they all start degrading. Due to fluctuations in the mass production manufacturing process and
    differences in usage including environmental factors and usage patterns,
    some batteries age faster than others. Even the best battery on the
    planet can't ignore the laws of physics.

    The battery charge indicator/percentage is only an *estimate*. Devices
    do their best to display a somewhat accurate representation of how much
    juice is left in a battery, but it is only an estimate. And when a
    battery gets old, that estimate tends to be further from the truth
    than when it was new. Nothing in this world is perfect. That's just a
    cold, hard fact of life.

    Likewise, the Battery Health percentage is only an *estimate*. There is absolutely no reason to obsess over it or even think about it until the
    day your battery malfunctions or doesn't hold a charge as long as you
    think it should (within reason - obviously just because you wish the
    charge would last three weeks, that's not going to happen). Unless your
    battery is experiencing problems, babysitting the Battery Health
    percentage displayed on your device is a complete waste of time.

    Don't *babysit* your battery. Just use and enjoy your iPhone. When the
    battery needs to be replaced, you'll know it. And when that time comes,
    for best results you should have it replaced with an authentic Apple
    battery by an Apple-authorized technician. Cheap aftermarket batteries
    that are not authentic Apple batteries aren't built to the same
    standards and naturally won't perform as well. You get what you pay

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