• Primos rev 24 on the Prime emulator

    From Jim Wilcoxson@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 15 12:57:26 2018
    This is the first Google search result for Primos emulator, so I'm updating the address of the emulator here too.

    The Prime emulators are still online at em.prirun.org:

    $ telnet em.prirun.com 8001
    Connected to em.prirun.com.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    Welcome to the Prime Computer 50-series emulator, running Primos rev 19.2!

    Login as user guest, password pr1me
    Hit a few returns and Ctrl-q if it appears "stuck"; some bots are
    hitting the emulator
    After logging in, use the Prime HELP command for assistance.
    You are welcome to create a directory under GUEST for your files.
    The line erase character is ?
    There are other Primos revs running on ports 8001-8007
    Prime manuals at: http://yagi.h-net.msu.edu/prime_manuals/prirun_scans
    To report bugs or contact the author, send email to prirun@gmail.com

    Enjoy your time travels! -Jim Wilcoxson aka JIMMY

    Login please.
    login jimmy

    JIMMY (user 2) logged in Friday, 14 Dec 18 21:20:08.
    Welcome to PRIMOS version 19.2.
    Last login Saturday, 08 Dec 18 22:15:44.

    OK, ab .abbrev
    OK, ab -nq -ac pwd [unquote 'type [dir [pathname *]]']
    OK, ab -nq -ac up [unquote 'a [dir [dir [pathname *]]];type [dir [pathname *]]']
    OK, co -end
    OK, lo

    JIMMY (user 2) logged out Friday, 14 Dec 18 21:20:12.
    Time used: 00h 00m connect, 00m 00s CPU, 00m 00s I/O.

    Prime session disconnected
    Connection closed by foreign host.

    Enjoy! -Jim

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