• Sheffield Pascal

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    On Monday, June 23, 2008 at 5:07:48 PM UTC+1, Dennis Boone wrote:
    J R Gilbert of U Sheffield wrote a document on the Sheffield Pascal
    compiler in 1987. It appears he's still at U Sheffield:


    Has anyone here talked to him to see if he might still have this
    software in rescuable form?


    I studied Computational Science at Hull University at the time that HVP was being developed. It was written by Barry Corneius and two other lecturers whose first names were Ian and Dave. There was also a Pascal compiler for the PR1ME computer written by
    the University of Braunschweig which wasn't as well used. From what I can recall, HVP was developed using Nicklaus Wirth's compiler. Barry, Ian and Dave stated development around 1979.

    For more information, my email is groundsman@hotmail.co.uk

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