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    On Thursday, March 31, 1988 at 10:51:56 AM UTC-8, Svante Lindahl wrote:
    In response to <3...@draken.nada.kth.se> by la...@nada.kth.se (Lars Andersson) c...@pyramid.pyramid.com (Carl S. Gutekunst) wrote in <17...@pyramid.pyramid.com>:
    [ About troff in the att universe on a Pyramid running OSx 4.0 :]
    If it simply dumps core or something equally awful, then you have a corrupted
    executable file. Harass your salesman or your FE to get you a copy that works.
    For general problems/questions, send mail to pyramid!bugs.
    Turned out that the /usr/.attbin/troff that was installed from a PTF
    was bad, it terminated with a bus error when run. Reverting back to
    the 4.0 distribution fixed that.
    Carl also wrote:
    Since we use this software to generate all our documentation (with Adobe's >Transcript(TM) or AT&T's Imagen Impress(TM) filter as the backend),
    ment "it does not run" needs some elaboration! What OSx release? Which macro >package, if any? What does your input do? What are you using as a backend? Is
    it a consistent failure, or only under certain conditions?
    Lars wants to use Transcript from Adobe as backend, so he tells me
    (the sysadmin) to install the required font descriptions in /usr/lib/font/devpsc and that there is a makefile distributed with
    Transcript that will do it for me. Well not quite, it requires a
    makedev program that I have no idea where to get. Can anyone help me
    with this?
    This may no longer be appropriate for comp.sys.pyramid and I don't
    read comp.text, so please reply by mail.
    Svante Lindahl
    New: z...@nada.kth.se Old: uunet!nada.kth.se!zap Bitnet: zap@sestak
    thanks for the tips

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