• HOMM3: Which single scenarios do you suggest?

    From ciucuras.bogdan@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 8 09:23:17 2018
    The answer imho is... it depends.

    Depends on what level of understanding and applying mechanics in the game. If you know hero builds, spells, creatures, fights etc... You should start with the level you have fun with. No need for frustrations or tilt playing a single player scenario,
    just have fun and learn different things in game. I would advice to play a SMALL map every time you change game difficulty, because late game fights on Expert+ can become frustrating when you spend so many time and you already lost in mid game. Another
    tip: you can google what castles are better for different map sizes.

    It depends of course on how much time you can spend on a map. If you wanna lose a few hours, then go for a small one. If you can spend multiple days, you can go for larger sizes.

    Playing it for more than 15 years, i would say Random map generator/Impossible/large size, 8 players (even 1vs7), strong mobs, becomes easier and easier and when you finished all the maps, those are the best. You will be able to finish the game with a
    few black dragons and 3-4 spells, only with skeletons or whatever strategy you want to try will work, because AI are challenging in this game, but still AI.

    Tips for Impossible level:

    1. Play aggressively from day 1, as you won't be able to build anything a few days and the AI will.
    2. Build as many heroes as you can, there's a reason why the game name is Heroes. It's because you need them to do everything: moving armies, collecting resources, scouting, etc...
    3. Learn how to hero chain. The better you do -> the better you clear -> the faster you grow.
    4. Don't pick every resource! Pick only what you need and leave the rest, as your movement isn't unlimited.
    4.1 Pick only gold from chests, because your economy is way too bad and you don't need a good hero with no army and you can always fight creatures for xp.
    4.2 At day 1 scout and take the wood and ore mines around your castle.
    5. You should strike to never lose creatures, but if you really need to clear always sacrifice a few creatures for expanding faster.

    With experience Impossible Dificulty will become Easy again. Have fun!

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