• Panzer General II Sedan scenario from the Blitz campaign

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    Love this game. Running into some serious difficulty with this
    scenario. Anybody been able to pull off a brilliant or regular
    victory yet? All I've gotten so far is a tactical. Any winning hints >would be appreciated.

    Figured it out last night finally!!! I found out a quick way to make
    it to all the objectives. I set up all my forces to the north besides
    one pioneer and one PzIIIe which were located next to the closest
    objective on startup. This way only one river had to be crossed and
    most of the defenders could be bypassed. Took the two objectives to
    the north right away and then rearmed and refueled my units before the
    final push to the far southern objective. Meanwhile, the PzIIIe and
    the pioneer captured as many extra cities in the middle as possible.
    Had fair weather on the last day possible for the brilliant victory conditions and used my stukas to soften up the defenders to the south
    and rolled on in just in time. Now onto Dunkirk.

    I will try this approach now. I had regular victory last night.

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