• Confession of a Computer Game Addict

    From Dimensional Traveler@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 7 11:02:18 2018
    Hi, I am DT and I am a computer game addict.

    Yesterday, somehow, I'm not sure how it happened, I found myself on Good
    Old Games (GOG.com). I know I shouldn't have been there. The place is dangerous for a computer-game addict. But there I was. I convinced
    myself I was strong and good, that I would be safe just "looking". So I looked. I saw they have 'Victoria Complete', a bundle of the original 'Victoria: Empires Under the Sun' game (which I already have on disc)
    AND the expansion 'Victoria: Revolutions' (which I didn't have). I
    think it was the expansion that broke me. The back to school sale that
    lowered the price to only $2.49 didn't help. So I caved in to the
    craving and bought it. Even knowing it would probably be months at
    least before I even installed it, I bought it.

    I should have fled after that. I told myself that was enough. But it
    wasn't. I saw 'Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri' with its expansion, on sale
    for $0.89. Eighty-nine cents!! Somehow I found myself telling myself I
    know I have it already but I just don't know which moving box of games
    it is in. So I bought it too. *sob* (There's good reason this game is
    called SMAC.)

    I knew I was in trouble but I could still save myself. I'd only spent
    less than $4. But I kept looking. I saw they have 'Imperialism' and,
    of course, since I saw that I had to look for 'Imperialism II' too.
    (They have it.) 'Master of Orion' 1 and 2 bundled! Ahhhh! I fought
    back, they weren't on sale, that helped. Some. But I still put them on
    my GOG wishlist.

    After that I was finally able to flee. After I'd made sure I had
    downloaded the manuals for my two "new" games.

    I am so, so weak. *crys*

    Inquiring minds want to know while minds with a self-preservation
    instinct are running screaming.

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