• HOMM 2 - Broken Alliance tips

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    On Friday, March 21, 1997 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-6, Marek Pawelec wrote:
    I've played this scenario several times, and won two or three times. In
    my opinion, the best is to start as an orange player, and I personally prefere Knight or Necromancer, but I do belive, it is not really
    important in this scenario.
    1. Go and get wood and ore.
    2. As soon as possible (second - third day), go with your second hero on
    the lower right corner, to the teleport. You will have to fight only one
    weak stack of monsters. Through teleport, you will get to the island,
    with UNDEFENDED gold mine, and some resources.
    3. Later on, you can teleport your hero through teleport on thr right,
    to get on the upper side of map, and try to get free resources, but
    yellow player can attack you soon, so flee during the battle, and you
    can buy your hero back.
    4. Gold mine on the island can be yours sometimes even for few weeks,
    before AI will grab it. Do not attack the village on the island, you
    can't upgrade it to a city, all you can get there is some spells and one
    red dragon/week.

    The violet (the last one) player starts the scenario with two castles:
    on the lower left - like any other player, and in the lower right
    cornet, on the separate island. The second one is always complete
    wizard's castle, and the hero starts with few titans, so if he will get
    the Dimension door in the Mage Guild, you can give up.

    If you're lucky, it is also nice to start as a green player, but you
    need some luck to quickly get to the teleport (go up). My wife preferres
    this location, and she has also won the game.
    And finally, when I was playing the scenario for the firs time, I won as
    a blue Knight, but I was extremely lucky, the AI players fought each
    other and I had time to get strong.

    Sir Marcus
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    Sorry I'm 20 years late on replying.

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