• The Great Computer Games - Microprose "Railroad Tycoon", "Colonization"

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    The Great Computer Games - Microprose "Railroad Tycoon", "Colonization", "Civlization II" ,
    "Axis & Allies" , and "Risk 2".

    The Great Computer Games - Microprose "Railroad Tycoon", "Colonization", "Civlization II" ,
    "Axis & Allies" , and "Risk 2".

    Pay $10 get $40

    ebay.co.uk , ebay.fr , ebay.de , ebay.com
    Use paypal.com . Comes with Printed Manuals.
    K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Microprose Civilization II Game. Released: 1996. Play as one of 7 world powers, build, research, and conquer. Following games are add-ons to this original game. Try 'Tutorial' mode on the lowest level first to learn how to play the game. Rated: 96%.
    Great re-play value especially with Historic Scenarios.

    Sid Meiers Railroad Tycoon
    new Railroad Tycoon on youtube.com . COOL INTRO!!!!!
    Microprose's Railroad Tycoon Game Released: 1990. An old game but a good one. Start by building a Railroad between two Stations. Build two or three trains to pick up Passengers, Mail, and Manufactured Goods for example. Has industries which require Coal
    and Steel to make Manufactured Goods. If not in one of your Stations you can buy a Steel Mill for example. Has four Maps: England, Eastern United States, Europe, and Western United States. Build famous named Trains such as the Orient Express: London to
    Constantinople, or the Twentieth Century Limited: New York to Chicago.

    Start with $500,000 dollars raised from share holders, and a $500,000 dollar bond which requires interest paying on it. Has economic climates from Boom to Panic. Build into a city and receive 10,000 shares worth of Capital as an incentive to Railroad
    Building sometimes. Set game speed to medium as this game was made for a much slower computer. Revenues come in every time a train arrives at a station. Buy the game with manual and resource cards as there are other things to learn.
    Get Railroad Tycoon Deluxe from this Server.
    http://www.ebay.co.uk - search 'Railroad Tycoon' in 'Computing' section. Will include manual, well worth a read - buy the Amiga version just for that. Pay using PayPal.

    Risk I J/C W95/98 CD
    1997 Risk: Play Classic board game style or computer version. Has generals, forts, storms, desertions and different battle tactics. Includes four maps: World, Europe, North America and Asia. Play historic scenarios like the Napoleonic wars, growth of
    the United States and battle between the English and French for India. Great replay value.
    Risk I and II Reviews at www.mobygames.com.

    Risk II CD W95/98 CD
    Risk II only has a single world map. Use classic risk board game rules, or computer rules with Dungeons&Dragons type dice. Bigger armies get dices of more weight meaning the biggest army gets an advantage. Multiplayer attacks mean two or more players
    can attack the same territory at the same time and then fight it out. Or the player can wait and have two army stacks destroy each other. But be warned! They might both decide to attack you first. Makes for fewer big stacks. Only one map means not much
    replay value. There is a choice between Graphical battles, or strategic mode. new http://www.download-games-online.com/risk-2.php

    Axis and Allies by Hasbro W95/98
    Play as the Americans, British Empire, Rome-Berlin Axis, Soviet Union, or Empire of Japan. Has Infantry, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Troop Transports, Submarines, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Factories. Invest each turns
    resources in developing 6 new technologies: like Jet Planes, and Rockets. Expect a good fight from the A.I. (Game Artificial Intelligence).
    Buy Axis and Allies from Amazon.

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