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    From valduria214@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 31 11:31:07 2020
    Oh yes, it does one other thing regarding the shroud that is unique to the AI. It very VERY often parks its invading heroes right at the edge of YOUR unexplored areas if there are any and waits until the next turn to attack, so you are forced to wonder
    what kind of army it has or risk going in range to see and getting ambushed. It knows where YOUR shroud is still there, so Homm3 101: don't leave any.

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    On Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Dean Christopher Farmer wrote:
    HI HOMM3 Fans,
    Firstly I'd like to point out that I love this game, and am completely addicted. Congratulations on yet another winner NWC. Many late nights ahead....
    However, here are some points I would like to mention.
    I know this has been discussed before, but it really does seem to me that
    the Heroes 3 AI, even on the normal level is cheating. Someone mentioned
    in an earlier post that the AI is now very good at buying all of its creatures up to and including seventh level each week, well to me it seems
    a little *too* good to me.
    Unless I have missed something, It is not possible for a fully upgraded castle to be self-sustainable, other than maybe a capital. Even if you
    factor in all of the sites on the map that give extra gold each week,
    2000 per day cannot buy all the creatures for a particular 7th level castle particularly in the case of Tower/Castle and all the $5000 troops.
    My example is the scenario Titan's Winter. Quickly in this scenario I found myself in the position of owning an entire continent, whilst another CP
    owned another continent. I had 3 fully upgraded Tower Castles on my
    continent and owned 4-5 of each mine. Even with all of the town income, map-site income and constant marketplace resource-to-gold income I was struggling to buy every single creature at all 3 castles each week.
    However, as I quickly learned when I moved onto his continent and fought
    him, the computer player had no trouble in buying EVERY single creature
    each week, including 12 Archangels (1 flagged POG and 4 castles.)
    From browsing his continent, he had 4 castles (4K+2K+2K+2K = 10K Income)
    and 2 Gold Mines. Thats 12K per day which is 84K per week. 12 Archangels alone cost 60K. Factor in the Champions and you're up to76K. Factor in
    the Druids and you're already over 84K. Yet he managed to purchase the Crusaders/Griffons/Halberdiers/Marksman (all of them) from all 4 castles
    each week. Not sure exactly how much more cash that is, but its a
    lot extra.
    Ok, am I missing something obvious here when I play this game, or is the
    AI cheating?
    Point 2:
    Anyone else noticed how the formula for quick combat when the
    computer is fighting stuff seems to be:
    If A tougher than B
    B dies
    A remains unchanged
    A dies
    B remains unchanged
    To me, this has become very evident from playing some games, and explains
    why the AI cruises through many wandering stacks and reaches your base
    with a decent army fairly quickly. It also ensures that an AI which is
    doing well does not lose valuable armies eliminating other AI opponents.
    I've seen AI superheroes defeat other AI superheroes then come for me literally without a scratch..
    Point 3:
    How on earth does the wandering monsters joining algorithm work?
    Picture this. You've built up a superhero, you've fought for several
    hours to take control of most of the map. My hero:
    17 Titans
    50 ArchMages
    58 Genies
    43 Naga Queens
    300 Gremlin Masters
    some large amount of gargoyles
    80 iron golems
    I have one more enemy 'superhero' to defeat. I am after him and quite confident of victory. Our stats are about the same and he has:
    16 Anicent Behemoths
    26 Cyclops
    40 Thunderbirds
    47 Ogres
    similear large numbers of lower level units.
    Then he walks into a stack of wandering Behemoths (not ancient) that
    SHOULD have kicked his butt. I am very surprised to right click and see
    that a HORDE of Behemoths just joined his tough hero.
    Now I fight this hero, and face 55 Behemoths. Now my hero is tough, but
    not THAT tough, and I lose quite badly.
    How is it fair that a wandering army more powerful than the rest of his entire stack (or close to it) should be able to join him. We both spent
    the entire game building up our stacks, going into battle, building up
    more, etc and then in one instant he grabs something which is equal to everything I have. Now, I would not have a problem with this if he
    already had 3xHP of the wandering stack, or similar, but clearly in this
    case he didn't. In fact I think I worked out his stack had LESS HP than
    the 55 Behemoths. I lost the game (4 hour game) because of this so
    naturally now I am a little ticked. Maybe I will calm down and change
    my mind on this one ... comments?
    Any agreement/disagreement on the above?

    Dean Farmer.
    5th Year Comms Eng/Comp. Science
    RMIT University. Melbourne Australia.
    Dean Farmer.
    5th Year Comms Eng/Comp. Science
    RMIT University. Melbourne Australia.

    To your 3rd point. once you have expert Diplomacy and a strong army, most wondering creatures will be willing to join you.

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