• Caesar III - Can;'t Build Anymore!

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    tirsdag den 20. oktober 1998 kl. 09.00.00 UTC+2 skrev Brian Wood:
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    I've got a great city going anf now whenever I go to build I just get black >sqaures that disappear. Is there a limit to the number of buildings/houses in

    I've seen this, too. My city was around 23,000 when this happened. At this point, I started another city since I had seen many problems in getting to this point and I couldn't build anything.......
    My clay pits cut out at around 15,000. The pits would work and produce a cart
    pusher who would then vanish right away. They seemed to work once after first
    placing them. Afterwards, they'd behave as above. Many of my raw materials may have been working this way, though the clay pits seemed the worse.
    I had removed a granary when a cart pusher was dropping off his load. He stood (w/o his cart) in the middle of the square for the rest of the game. I couldn't remove or place anything in that position again. Right clicking produced the fact that he was going "nowhere."
    It seems that if you remove a destination for a cart pusher, the goods still get dropped off at that destination. Even if there is now a fountain there, instead.
    Oh, well. Besides the above, I'm very happy with it and I've been very addicted (w/ little sleep) since my purchase.

    This is a very old text but perhaps I am lucky and get some help.

    I have made a very large map and build 80 luxury palaces and everyhting is running. No I will make 50 more luxury palaces but when I do the first block with 10 luxury palaces only 1 fountain works all the other is not running, at when I right click on a
    fountain it says that I need to go to labour adviser to priority the water service. The only problem is I have unemployment of 871 people, so all task should be running and I have plenty of people living around the fountains which are not working.

    I have now 37.000 people in the city and 8.531 is working + 871 not working of the workforce. I play August Caesar III

    Is this a bug or what can I do - I have played this custom map for several hours/days so I really hope I do not need to start over just because of a bug???

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