• Bill Gates sucks

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    bill gates wants to get political now and push vaccines. i was going to get the vaccine until he got involved, take one look at windows 10 and you know what i'm talking about.

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    Mikhail Teterin wrote:

    Sean C. Wattles
    announced on 25 Apr :
    =Sounds lke some people are just jealous of a multi-billionaire :)

    Notably, this was _the only_ argument for Microsoft. As technical
    as Microsoft's users get...

    -- What is the biggest advantage of Microsoft product?
    -- It is compatible with another Microsoft product!


    "Windows for dummies"Well maybe Billy boy does... but hey... I have no problem with
    Microsoft products... they seem to work fine for me... are you to dumm
    to figure them out? They are really made for idiots.... Is that why
    you had to get a quote out of a book? I see... couldn't think of
    anything original.... That's ok... Let's see you write a better program
    than Microsoft... Ever tried calling tech support for an MS product? I always get right through (well the 3 times that I have ever called)..
    And they fixed the problem in under 10 minutes!!! Sounds like your up
    for a challenge of writing a better product... if you can't well don't
    dis on Microsoft because atleast their products work better than the
    ones you have written...

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