• SimFarm -> how do I get rid of excess H20?

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    On Monday, September 20, 1993 at 8:27:20 PM UTC-7, Ben Parrish wrote:
    : : Hey, I'm having this problem with SimFarm, I sometimes have an
    : : excess of water in my crops!, How do I get rid of it? I think that I've : : tried everything, so some specific details would be nice!

    : Well, there are a few reasons this will happen. First off, if you are in a : rainy area, you may have too much rain for the crop. Try another crop that : needs more water. If you are getting excess water and you are irrigating, stop
    : irrigating. Make sure to cut off the water before it becomes adjacent to the
    : field.

    I'd like to ask a question (that the Zoinkster will certainly recognize
    from his BBS) about this...I had a field with one side surrounded
    completely by bridges (a string of roads over a string of ditches, in an attempt to save space). The field began to flood, even though the ditches were (supposedly) dry. Just to test it, I changed the string of bridges
    back to 'normal' ditches, and the flooding stopped almost immediately.
    Now, do ditches underneath bridges not add to the draining of a field? If so, is this a bug? Is this realistic? I'm guessing yes on 1, no on 2.

    Anyone agree? Anyone still reading this?

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  • From theunevers@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jun 6 06:09:23 2020
    Thanks. This works!

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