• Doom is DEAD

    From heavybakerguy3@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Sebastian Eggert on Mon Apr 27 12:33:30 2020
    On Monday, July 18, 1994 at 2:59:18 PM UTC-4, Sebastian Eggert wrote:
    Finally: Doom is DEAD.

    This weekend the TOP100 games chart, compiled by the readers
    of the internet has declared the strategy game: UFO, Enemy Unknown
    as the highest rated game above Doom. That means that the highly
    celebrated "Doom" was the number one for only 28 weeks (compared to Civilization which was number one for 44 weeks and is still number 3).

    Soon, Doom will drop even further since it has only a limited
    replay value for most people. It was a good game, but the best game
    yet? Most people don't think so.
    You may say that it is not fair to compare Doom to a strategy game,
    which is generally more addictive and has much deeper gameplay.
    But Doom has also an advantage: it is shareware and therefore more accessible for voters.

    WRONG!!!!! DOOM 2020 just came out you absolute NIGGER! Doom is ALIVE and WELL, and its modded and gotten WADS to this day. Get some taste you monkey animal!

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