• WA-PRO can't open TTY:I

    From bvdbos@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 28 10:07:38 2016
    For our line of work (soil-survey) the WA-Pro is still the best tool I can find but after twety years of daily usage even these are slowly failing (lines in the screen don't work anymore etc).

    I've been able to buy some good-as-new devices and replaced the disks. Everything works up till the barcode part, here the programs halts with an "error-41 device does not exist when opening barcode-port TTY:I" which seems strange to me as TTY:I isn't a

    Is there something I could do about this? Switch TTY-ports with some command? Or do some hardware-modification which disables the scanner and lets you enter the barcodes by hand?



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