• Sadness

    From Gordon Love - Fencing is Fun@21:1/5 to Steve Hodgson on Wed Jun 22 01:03:17 2016
    Just last week, I returned to the Psion fold. Basically to get Agenda, and a decent spreadsheet on my handheld.

    I'm going to spend some time hunting out what's still on line, but I'm a bit dismayed at the level of bitrot.

    I'm especially keen to track down eReader and wintcr.exe, which I used to use a lot.

    On Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 10:08:22 PM UTC+1, Steve Hodgson wrote:
    I’ve still got a few Psion developer bookmarks in my list and it’s always
    a little sad to see one disappear. Today it washttp://www.mbrainsoftware.com that I recall creating some great PDF software that I used to rely on for work on my NetBook many years ago.


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  • From kelderek@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 23 04:15:57 2016
    I share the feeling
    As someone else said: the Psion series was the last time someone took the rusk to bring out a device with
    - new hardware
    - new software (incl. OS)
    - new market

    If it had USB instead of serial and Bluetooth / Wifi instead of IRDA, I might still be using it today.

    PS: What's winctr?

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