• 2015-2016

    From eddysterckx@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 4 00:13:38 2016

    Looking back on 2015

    The Good : finally got a number of the big all-day multi-player board wargames in that I always wanted to play (Churchill, Virgin Queen, Cuba Libre, Strike of the Eagle) and lots of FTF gaming (400+, 146 distinct games)
    The Bad : didn't buy or play any pc wargames - the games that got released were either old hat or micro-management stuff I don't care about.
    The Ugly : it's not just this ng that's dead - pretty much every pc wargame forum is.

    Looking forward to 2016 I really hope Strategic Command 3 gets released - info on it is pretty much zilch (what's new ..) but one can hope.

    Happy wargaming,

    Eddy Sterckx
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