• "BT" scammers seem very active today.

    From David Wade@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 30 17:04:25 2020
    On 30/10/2020 15:25, MB wrote:
    Had a couple of calls from BT Technical Dept(?) to say that suspicious activity on my line and they will be disconnecting it.   :-)

    Unfortunately I do not have the BT8500 call filtering enabled because expecting calls from doctor, hospital, pharmacy etc.

    They are using "ordinary" UK telephone numbers and not the BT 0800
    number that you would expect.

    I have been getting a selection of Amazon, Inland Revenue and Tax Fraud.
    They have been using rotating CLIs, some international, others from non-existant exchange codes. This is to avoid normal call blockers.

    I would expect your doctor, hospital and pharmacy would be used to call filtering.


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