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    An XCODE Directory/Registry ...

    Peter -

    A couple of efforts are already being made in this direction...

    1. The Developer Stack. It is designed to do at least part of what you describe.

    2. AHUG - The Apple HyperCard Users Group. For a number of reasons, their librarianship has fallen far short of what it could be...

    BMUG is very interested in any project that helps to make PD & Shareware material more accessible to people. We'd be interested in helping out
    in such a project.

    Perhaps we could team up with AHUG and SUMEX to make sure that anything
    done is available to as many people as possible.

    BMUG has already published a book edited by Scott Kronick, "BMUG on HyperCard", a guide to PD & Shareware stacks, with pictures and short descriptions.

    I'd love a project that brought this up to date (it is nearly a year
    old now), kept it up to date and in touch with the net, and included

    The BMUG HyperCard SIG has come up with some designs for publishing
    such information in stack form, but nobody has come forward to lead
    the project. We'd be more than happy to share what we've done with
    anyone who was committed to making any results freely avaialable.

    -- Raines Cohen

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