• Dandilion & XNS time server....

    From blw@21:1/5 to Michael Ross on Sat May 1 11:33:49 2021
    On Monday, February 2, 2004 at 5:16:45 AM UTC+2, Michael Ross wrote:
    My Dandilion (aka Star) stops with the dreaded 0937 'I abjure the
    world - I can't find a time server' boot code.
    If it was a 6085 I'd just boot the VP installer and convert it to
    standalone, but I can't do that - don't have VP on 8" floppy.
    I'm not aware of any trivial way around this, but the thought has
    occured to me: is there an XNS timeserver package available for *nix
    or Windoze? If so, I could just hook the thing up to my network and it
    would fly....
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    It's been--quite a while, I know--but if you're still (somehow) interested in this after, what, 17 years? There is https://github.com/devhawala/dodo which does implement a timeserver!


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