• WorkCentre 6015 NI - Error Message: 092-651 Code 2880000

    From m.verkerk@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 11 12:58:24 2019
    Hi all,

    After replacing the black toner the printer kept prompting the 093-933 - Replace Black Toner error. Under warranty, I got myself a new black toner.

    The error message disappeared, but the printer still gave a faint black output.. According to a internet manual, I had to clean sensors and gently vacuum the black toner trash-bin.

    Now, the printer starts with error code:

    092-651 Code 2880000

    According to the manual, I have cleaned the ADC Sensors. The printer was making some noise, which disappeared after starting and stopping some internal engines, via the service menu - which is still accessible. The error did not disappeared!

    The manual advises me to visit Xerox support. The printer is quite old and I have no more warranty, that's why that isn't good option for me!

    However, after cleaning the sensors, I somehow think that it is operational again and I just need to reset the device somehow or another - to get rid of the error.

    Any advice?

    Best regards,
    Marijn Verkerk

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