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    On Wednesday, May 11, 1988 at 3:09:00 PM UTC+2, JAY FERGUSON wrote:
    I just can't let Christopher have the last word... I have worked on Exploerers, Symbolics, Suns and MicroVaxs but have found no machine
    that comes close to the Xerox. Why? Well, I will grant you it is not
    the performance of the hardware. I would like to point out that I have
    not had any major performance problems solving complex problems. We
    would all like to have a 100 mips on our desk. Most performance
    problems within AI and symbolic processing are due to poor design
    and architecture of the solution!

    The characteristics that make the Xerox great is the environment. NO
    other environment approaches the integration of useful programming
    tools or as well a thought out interactive environment. I constantly
    observe engineers spending 5 to 20 times as long building systems
    in other environments as it would take in Interlisp.

    When you look at the price, $20-25k last time I checked, it is still
    the most economical environment to do serious AI. The 1186 hardware
    is incredibly dependable and you will not find better service
    anywhere! You can't even buy the new Micro-Explorer in a reasonable configuration for less than than $25k!

    I have given Xerox the highest recommendation that I can - I bought
    one for myself. One of the best investments that I have ever made.

    Jay Ferguson

    p.s. If anyone out in net land wants to sell thier 1186's for
    parts I would be glad to hear from you. I have had mine
    for almost three years and it has only recently started
    to show signs of age.


    Have any 1186's left??? I would love to have one!


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