• 1186 for sale

    From RP Sobek@21:1/5 to RDAVIS%S...@ohstvma.ircc.ohio-state on Wed Apr 11 05:49:52 2018
    On Tuesday, October 9, 1990 at 2:45:00 PM UTC+2, RDAVIS%S...@ohstvma.ircc.ohio-state.edu wrote:
    Is anyone interested in a (slightly) used 1186? We have only one
    machine and I've been the only (infrequent) user, and I'm moving to
    the sun. I really have no use for it anymore - make me an offer?
    Ruth Davis
    EECS Dept
    Santa Clara University
    (408) 554-4358
    email: rdavis@scu.bitnet


    I suppose that that 1186 exists no more!

    If you have an 1186 I would still take it!!


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  • From RP Sobek@21:1/5 to Iris Tommelein on Wed Apr 11 05:54:48 2018
    On Monday, December 14, 1987 at 7:29:10 PM UTC+1, Iris Tommelein wrote:
    Xerox 1186 for sale!

    80Mb hard disk, 3.6Mb ram, 360kb Floppy Drive, 19" display,
    3 button optical mouse, 8K control store, Processor, keyboard
    IBM PC Emulation board

    4045 Laser Printer, Extended 384K DRAM

    It is the only machine our group had, we used it for about a year
    and would like to sell it now since we are switching to other hardware.

    Any offers are welcome.


    I suppose that your 1186 is sold! But do you have another? Then I would be interested!!


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