• XEROX 1186/6085 BOXES

    From RP Sobek@21:1/5 to GA0...@siucvmb.siu.edu on Wed Apr 11 05:45:30 2018
    On Friday, June 5, 1992 at 5:01:26 PM UTC+2, GA0...@siucvmb.siu.edu wrote:
    info-1100 readers,
    I am writing a review of longevity and utility of workstation hardware
    and would like some help from readers of this newscast. Does anyone
    have a sense of how many 1186/6085 boxes are still in use? either as
    Lisp stations or the old Viewpoint word processors. Are there any
    being used as file servers, print servers, or mail servers. Are any
    labs keeping them in use just for their PC emulators?
    I tried several XEROX 800 numbers but failed to find anyone at XEROX
    who even knew who else at XEROX might know. I guess I thought someone
    at XEROX might know how many had been sold which would have been a start.
    If readers think this info will clutter INFO-1100 please respond
    directly to me at GA0593 at SIUCVMB.edu. Thank-you
    Dick Coulson
    AI LAB
    CARBONDALE, IL 62901


    Did you offer me some time ago a bunch of 1186's and 6085's in a garage?

    I seem to have lost your coordinates till today!

    Do you still have all that stuff??


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