• Xerox 1186: What is it?

    From RP Sobek@21:1/5 to PB Schechter on Wed Apr 11 05:40:04 2018
    On Tuesday, March 23, 1993 at 11:21:30 PM UTC+1, PB Schechter wrote:
    Can someone tell me something about a Xerox 1186? There's one sitting
    in our storage room, and I'd like to know something about its hardware
    and software. From the little I've seen, it doesn't run Unix (can it?);
    it looks like a lisp machine. I'd appreciate any additional information
    (via e-mail, if you think everyone else knows this--I don't regularly
    read this group).


    PB Schechter


    Did you offer me some 1186's and 6085's some time back? Do you still have any 1186's ??

    Thanks in advance!

    --Ralph, in France

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