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    Hi Henry,

    I am trying to play AVI file on my iphone and want to use your player.
    But the link " http://www.koplien.de/henry/NeXT/VideoStream.pkg.tar.gz"
    is not working.

    Can you please help?


    On Tuesday, 28 October 2003 16:06:05 UTC+5:30, (unknown) wrote:
    If anyone is interested in an AVI player (NS3.3) give


    a try. This App is originally based on VideoStream, but in the
    nothing more than the name is left (and the piped access to
    Everything else is new all (available codecs are written in
    The player is capable of playing not only video :-). Sound works with
    11, 22, 44, and 48 kHz (last one may have some deficiencies). By now
    old video standards are supported.
    If anyone has AVIs with CYUV compression, let me know, this one is
    untested due to missing samples.

    Maybe one remark, the package is compiled for NeXT also, but with a reasonable size (640x480 pixels) of a video a NeXT station is capable
    doing 0.21 fps :-(, running the same video on a Intel box with a 1GHz Athlon yields 15fps.



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    Is this issue still open. If it is... yes.


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