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    I'm reviving this. I think yur niche might be virtual machines.
    A virtual machine needs to be able to run with constrained resources
    and an OS that keeps out of the way. We know it is possible to do
    serious work with only a few MB of RAM and and few tens of MB hard drive >>> space, because for many years PCs had that specification.

    That's nothing for a modern PC. A virutal machine could be a faitly
    lightweight application in the host environment.

    Can you elaborate on this please? Which OS
    needs to keep out of the way? Would that be
    PDOS/386? Which currently allows applications
    to directly manipulate I/O ports.

    Virtual machines are usually hosted on a fully-featured, modern OS like Windows or Apple;s OSX, running on a desktop machine with several
    gigabytes of memory and several hundred gigabytes of backing store.
    The virtual machine itself is just an ordinary application, running
    under the host OS.

    One class of VM meets that description but not all.

    However there's a real need for virtual machines to be light on resources.

    The need is already met. Solaris derived platforms have has lightweight
    zones since the early 2000s. Linux now has containers.

    Their memory and disk space is memory and disk space that cannot be used
    by the host machine. So the OS on the virtual machine needs to keep out of the way. It can't be hogging huge tracts of memory or hard disk space.

    Zones and containers share resources with the host OS.

    However, whilst Linux is
    acceptable for virtual machines, a typical Linux installation is
    still rather greedy.



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