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    C is dangerous but it is simple. When you know the tool you
    know exactly what the compiler is doing and you know from a long
    time what is important to do and check. How to deal with the

    C++ is complex and nobody knows happens under the hood. This is why
    site that shows the compiler output are so useful nowadays for C++

    C is not perfect and C++ is not so bad. Personally I wish I could
    select some features from both and add some extra ones.
    This is why I created my own C front end.

    The complexity in a programming problem is a constant. You can solve
    it in the C way with a large number of simple steps, which introduces
    extra complexity in making sure they all work together. You can solve
    it with fewer step in a higher level language, which introduces extra
    complexity to the language. The overall complexity remains constant.

    Mother Goose comes to comp.lang.c.

    I assume by your recent tone that you have been smoking something...

    Take a concrete example: resource management.

    In C resource management is transparent but manual, the programmer has
    to track what has been allocated and know when to free it. This, along
    with the opportunity for error, gets quite complex when a resource is
    shared, especially between threads.

    In C++, adding some extra complexity in the language (constructors and automatic object destruction) removes the complexity and the
    opportunities for error from the user code.

    The code is still doing the same work and may well compile down to
    equivalent assembler. The overall complexity remains constant.


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    Sorry, wrong group.

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