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    Building neural networks from your data could not be simpler. Import
    your data from txt, csv, xls, bmp or binary files with just a few
    clicks. Grow a multi layer neural network that will learn from your
    data. Validate while the network is learning. Then test or query the
    network using new data to produce results and see which inputs are
    really important. The grid in JustNN has no limit of number of rows
    and can have up to 1000 columns. The networks have no node or
    connection limits and are fast and very easy to use. JustNN has no
    evaluation date or time limits.

    Neural Network Software http://www.npsnn.com
    JustNN Just a neural network http://www.justnn.com EasyNN-plus More than just a neural network http://www.easynn.com
    SwingNN Prediction software http://www.swingnn.com

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