• Converting Matlab to Scilab Questions

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    I'm attempting to convert a matlab based class to a scilab based class. Questions:

    1. A Movie command? matlab has a Movie command; and a way to store it
    to an external file format (movie2avi).

    2. If A is a matrix the matlab command image(A) and the scilab command Matplot(A) are similar but have the (1,1) locations in upper left and
    lower left respectively. One can change A to get the images to match the images, but is there a command that will reverse the direction of the
    y axis? (like matlab's axis ij?)

    3. A matlab m file say foo.m which defines a function which must be foo;
    the file's a comment lines appear when one types help foo.

    I can do unix_w("grep // foo.sci"), is there something better? (How
    does one grep in windows?)

    enough for now.
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    What is the equivalent of getframe() command of MATLAB in SCILAB?

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