• tf2ss in Matlab to Scilab

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    Thanks for your help Tim. Will get this figured out soon! I hope
    Tim Wescott wrote:
    jatbakar wrote:

    hello sorry, just a little slow,
    this means that there is nothing wrong with the code, and there is nothing wrong wth answers given by Scilab.
    it is just giving one of many "correct" solutions?
    Should i be reading up more on state space theory?
    Thank you for your reply

    Probably. I can't give you a good reference on deriving the ideal state-space representation of a transfer function -- first because it varies depending on what you're trying to do, and second because I
    know one myself.


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    yes, there is nothing wrong with your code. Even I also stuck at the same point but later got to know there might be more results but if you do reverse(I mean to apply ss2tf), you would get the same transfer function.

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