• [ANN] Scipad-8.76

    From Francois Vogel@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 15 14:28:52 2019
    ANNOUNCE: Scipad version 8.76

    A new version of the Scipad text editor for Scilab and Scicoslab is



    * Dealt with deprecation warnings spat by Scilab-6.0.2 when installing
    Scipad (tbx_build_loader, tbx_build_cleaner, with_tk, eval), and tuned
    configuration flags to support Scilab-6

    * Reformat lines now features reformatting "paragraph by paragraph"

    * Improved friendliness of incremental find: when the controls need to
    open (e.g. on F3), no search is launched anymore and search term is
    cleared, except if there is a selection in which case a search is
    launched using this selection as a search term

    * The results window for "Find in files" raises even if it was in iconic

    * Suppressed foreground switching of files detected as having changed on

    * Added <Control-Alt-r> accelerator binding for Reformat lines

    * Added <Control-F> binding for searching in files

    * Added menu entry saving the current layout to the last opened or saved
    layout filename

    * Added display of the number of selected characters in the bottom bar of


    * Fixed bugs in Scipad window geometry restoration (restored size could be
    wrong; Tcl error could be triggered in some cases)

    * Fixed bug in window centering procedure happening when the secondary
    screen is on the left (negative coordinates) of the main screen (Thanks
    to Harald Oehlmann)

    * Stopped silent failing of the loading of the Scipad preferences file, in
    such a case provide information to the user about the error encountered

    * Fixed preferences file loading error due to Tcl special characters

    * Fixed bug in Reformat lines: the last \n of the selection shall not

    * Fixed missing recording of the search string in incremental find when
    launching the incremental find feature manually

    * Fixed latent bugs detected by Nagelfar static code checker

    * Fixed bug with incremental find feature when reverting the file to its
    saved version between highlighting of two matches

    * Fixed bug with automatic move of the Find/Replace dialog so that it does
    not obscure the currently found match

    * Fixed bug with Tcl/Tk 8.6: the up and down arrow keys did no longer
    move the insertion cursor

    * Fixed blinking of matching braces when typing, which may have not been
    working depending on the specific keyboard layout used

    * Fixed Reformat Lines for Linux

    * Fixed usability bindings on Linux

    * Fixed bug with the width of the dropdown listbox of the incremental find
    combobox, that did not work correctly when the combobox was wider than
    the largest entry of the listbox

    * Fixed bug triggering "nothing to undo" error upon undo action (happened
    because it was possible to paste the empty string in Scipad)


    * Restored working checks for Scipad updates since SourceForge broke them
    sometime in the 1st half of 2016 --> I just discovered SF broke it


    * Factorized source code for file name selection with the open or save

    * Made use of Tcl/Tk TIP #446 - [.text edit canundo/canredo] - for Tk
    versions featuring it

    * Made use of Tcl/Tk TIP #449 - Ranges impacted by [.text edit
    undo/redo] -
    for Tk versions featuring it (this improves performance of undo/redo
    on large texts)

    * [revised_text] Removed event loop run when entering a tagged area
    a tooltip. This could cause processing of "enter" event during the
    processing of the same "enter" event, leading to Tcl error "window name
    "bubble" already exists in parent". Happens with Tk's "revised_text" branch,
    but not with the legacy code


    Scipad is a powerful editor and graphical debugger for programs written
    in Scilab language. It is a mature and highly configurable programmer's
    editor, including features like syntax colorization, regexp
    search/replace, parentheses matching, logical/physical line numbering,
    peer windows, line and block text editing, and much more. Scipad can be
    used along with Scicoslab or Scilab, but even as a standalone text
    editor. Used as internal Sci(cos)lab editor, it interacts tightly with
    the interpreter, allowing:

    - Scilab code execution control
    - conditional breakpointing
    - variable retrieval and tooltip display
    - Scilab help lookup
    - access to source code of Scilab library function
    - control of Scilab facilities for Matlab code and creation of
    help documents
    - and much more

    Scipad also includes basic Modelica and XML syntax colorization; it is currently localized in 13 languages and further localizations can easily
    be added. Scipad is entirely written in Tcl/Tk and Scilab language. It
    has been tested and developed under various versions of Windows and Linux.


    Project page @ SourceForge.net: http://sourceforge.net/p/scipad/

    Direct download:
    - for Scilab: http://sourceforge.net/projects/scipad/files/scipad-8.76/scipad-8.76-Scilab5.zip/download
    - for Scicoslab: http://sourceforge.net/projects/scipad/files/scipad-8.76/scipad-8.76-Scicoslab.zip/download

    Installation instructions:

    Details regarding the tested platforms: http://sourceforge.net/p/scipad/wiki/Tested%20on/


    Scipad is a free software distributed under the terms of the GPL (V2)

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