• A popup displaying Scilab.exe has stopped running but it is giving outp

    From tsarda20496@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 4 00:39:40 2018
    Respected ,
    I am running scilab.exe file. We had done a experementing in company where file is coming per half an hour and goes for computation to scilab.exe which calculates the distances and returns the "output.csv" files in our gui(running on visual studio).
    Since there were 24 files, so scilab.exe gave output till 13-14 files and then showed a popup of scilab.exe not working.Meanwhile, in the background,the scilab.exe was working and the output files were generated from it . So why this popup ? and because
    of it, the screen of scilab was enabled. What is the reason?
    I will be very thankful with your solution.

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