• Remedy IT announces AXCIOMA 1.0

    From Johnny Willemsen@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 15 07:30:05 2016
    Hi all,

    Remedy IT is pleased to announce the availability of AXCIOMA 1.0 ( http://www.axcioma.com )! This first major release has a lot of
    features and capabilities. All packages are available on our support
    portal ( http://swsupport.remedy.nl/projects/rite-axcioma ).

    The AXCIOMA 1.0 ( http://www.axcioma.com ) release is the result of
    several years of development dedicated to the creation of a more
    modern (using the OMG IDL to C++11 language mapping), complete,
    stable, and flexible implementation of the LwCCM and several related specifications.

    Leveraging the advantages of the OMG IDL to C++11 language mapping,
    AXCIOMA enables an easier and safer C++11 implementation of the
    component business code.

    AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a
    distributed Component Based Architecture (CBA). It is the component
    framework enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

    AXCIOMA supports state, event, request-reply, and timed trigger based interaction patterns based on a suite of OMG open standards.

    AXCIOMA provides out of the box State and Event based interaction
    support using RTI ConnextŠ DDS 5.2.0. The State and Event interaction
    support is provided through a DDS based implementation according to
    the OMG DDS for Lightweight CCM (DDS4CCM) specification.

    The Request/Reply interaction is provided using a CORBA based
    implementation with support for asynchronous messaging as defined by
    the OMG Asynchronous Method Invocation for CCM (AMI4CCM)

    AXCIOMA provides an open and dynamically configurable set of
    deployment tools that can be configured or extended to fit any system requirement.

    This release is available for dozens of Linux flavors (32bit and
    64bit), Windows (32bit and 64bit) using Visual Studio 2015 and
    MinGW-w64, and Android.

    For more information about the features and capabilities see
    axcioma.com ( http://www.axcioma.com ).

    Contact axciomalicense@remedy.nl to receive your
    free evaluation license.

    Best regards,

    Johnny Willemsen

    Remedy IT - Postbus 81 - 6930 AB Westervoort - The Netherlands
    www.remedy.nl - info@remedy.nl - +31 (0) 88 053 0000

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