• [ace-users] ACE 6.0 Static Builds on VC2008/2010

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    On Friday, February 11, 2011 at 6:34:48 PM UTC+10, jwill...@remedy.nl wrote:
    You need to run mwc.pl in the directory for which you want to have the solutions, for example ACE_wrappers/ace
    On 02/10/2011 09:49 PM, C Pates wrote:
    On Feb 10, 9:20 am, Johnny Willemsen <jwillem...@remedy.nl> wrote:

    Yes, install perl and run:
    mwc.pl -type vc9 -static

    Hi Johnny,

    Sorry to be a pain but I couldn't get that to work - I'm not sure what
    I'm doing wrong:

    I installed ActivePerl and executed the mwc.pl in ACE_Wrappers\bin.
    (I did define ACE_ROOT in the environment before running.)

    Here's the output it gave me:

    Using .../ACE 6.0.1/ACE_wrappers/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/MPC.cfg CIAO_ROOT was used in the configuration file, but was not defined. DANCE_ROOT was used in the configuration file, but was not defined. Generating 'vc9' output using default input
    Generation Time: 0s

    I got a very strange file called PerlAce.sln? I even tried going back
    to the ACE 5.8 static sln files and using the MPC command line from
    there (with changed directories) which at least gave me a file called PerlACE_vc9_Static.sln instead!

    (I downloaded Komodo in an attempt to debug the script but as I'm not
    a Perl programmer some of what I saw escaped me...) I'm obviously
    doing something crazy, just don't know what.

    Thanks for your help so far




    I have downloaded ACE-6.5.11and using MPC to create a static solution for VS_2019 and it does not work. I don't get a static solution at the end.

    I am running mwc.pl inside the $ACE_ROOT/ace directory.


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