• linear quadtree source code in C++ available

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    I just wanted to let know the people using a quadtree datastructure that
    set up a web site containing C++ source code, man pages and
    for a linear quadtree. The nice thing about this quadtree is that the
    nodes can
    be browsed in constant time, namely, each move in the quadtree has the
    computational cost of ONE addition. Any traversal of the nodes can be implemented, for ex. I solved the coplanarity problem of hierarchical triangulation
    in optimal computational time in http://lcavwww.epfl.ch/~balmelli/downloads/vmv99.ps.gz
    The code is very simple to use, the nodes are traversed with simple
    like "goNorth", "goSouth"... any browsing can be implemented. The method
    obtain the constant time property is described in http://lcavwww.epfl.ch/~balmelli/downloads/quadtree.ps.gz

    I use the quadtree in computer graphics to store hierarchical meshes
    built on terrain
    data. The quadtree is also very useful in image processing, compression, digital signal processing.
    The quadtree is organized as A SPATIAL DATASTRUCTURE, which makes it
    useful to store such kind of spatially organized data.

    Download the code on the website and register! I am not representing a company, i'm
    only a phd student, so your email will not be used for any commercial purpose. :)))
    Registered people will receive update of code, and a soon-to-come Java
    demonstrating the quadtree usage. The website is at http://lcavwww.epfl.ch/~balmelli/software/quadtree/index.html

    enjoy, any comments are welcome!

    all the best,
    Laurent Balmelli
    Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne

    hi, mi name is Estanislao Perez Peña, i am from Argentina and i have to use linear quadtree to represent a matrix, i try to download you code, but it was imposible to me because y need permissions which i dont have.

    i'm writing to you, to see if it can be possible to you send me your code.

    i'm apologyze of mi english, thank you in advance.

    Perez Peña Estanislao.

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