• Any Info for NND Nakanippon Robot Arm (Small)

    From superchargerone@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 19 09:00:05 2017
    Dear All

    I am looking for information and particularly software to run an old NND Nakanippon Electric Co's 5 axis robotic arm. It was painted bright orange by the factory and consist of

    1. 5 axis arm
    2. Servo control box
    3. Teaching pendant

    The servo control box has a 25-pin RS-232 interface. I am wondering if anyone has any lead to obtaining a copy of the software to run the controls.

    A few of the dimensions of the system are as follows:

    Learning box
    Size: 23x10x3cm
    Weight: 1kg
    Cable Length: 3m

    Digital Servo Amp
    Size: 29x19x18cm
    Weight: 3kg

    Robot Arm
    Max vertical reach: 63cm
    Max horizontal reach: 46cm
    Rotation of waist: 270deg
    Weight: 8kg

    Any lead on software or additional information is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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