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    On Wednesday, November 1, 2000 at 5:40:57 PM UTC+8, Mike Ingleby wrote:

    I have the following for sale:

    Nakanippon 5-axis (smallish) industrial Robot-arm with pneumatic jaws, including digital servo amplifier (control box) and remote "teaching unit" control. The system operates on 100V AC. I have a step-down transformer
    (240V to 100V), which I use with no problems here in Australia.

    The arm is VERY solidly constructed, with no free-play in any of the joints. All of the components are machined from cast steel. It has five very
    powerful servo motors. A number of the servos have been replaced at some
    time and the wiring to a couple of them has been taped into place, however
    it all works fine. To top it off it's finished in a tasteful shade of bright orange!

    The jaw is a Racon pneumatic "mini-hand" - this requires a compressor of
    some sort to
    work, but the valve which operates the jaws works fine.

    The "teaching unit" is essentially a remote-control/programmer for the system. The system can hold six programs of up to at least 50 steps (I haven't programmed any further than this)

    The servo amp also has an 25-pin RS-232 interface.

    I do not have any documentation for the system, but it's all pretty straightforward to operate.

    I haven't`got any pictures of the unit yet, but I'm trying to arrange a digital camera, so if anyone is interested I should hopefully be able to
    send some shots via email.

    A few of the dimensions of the system are as follows:

    Learning box
    Size: 23x10x3cm
    Weight: 1kg
    Cable Length: 3m

    Digital Servo Amp
    Size: 29x19x18cm
    Weight: 3kg

    Robot Arm
    Max vertical reach: 63cm
    Max horizontal reach: 46cm
    Rotation of waist: 270deg
    Weight: 8kg

    I'm located in Melbourne, Australia but can ship overseas if necessary
    (buyer pays freight)

    I'm interested in offers for the system.

    Contact via email if interested.


    Hi Mike, this is from a long time ago. I am looking at the same robotic arm that you posted and I am wondering if you happen to have any software to run the arm? I am chasing a tail here as it is a long time ago and also this is very old equipment but it
    looks intriguing.

    Hope you can help.

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