• Sourcing parts from China based companies

    From echo12@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 27 23:18:02 2017

    Hi guys,

    I am quite curious about Chinese-based companies, and I know there are prejudice when it comes to products coming from them, but I would like to
    know, from the perspective of who have experience using their products, how
    did their products fare in the long run. My interest in robotics has just grown, and a friend recommended me to have this site, for starters, as a reference: http://www.powerjackmotion.com/product-category/linear-actuator/,
    in case I would like to pursue building one in the future.

    Looking forward to your inputs.

    Thanks in advance!

    for full context, visit http://www.polytechforum.com/robotics/sourcing-parts-from-china-based-companies-45675-.htm

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