• [jobs] Robotics Engineers for mobile robot at Amy Robotics

    From Ricky Li@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 28 17:22:21 2016
    Amy Robotics is an innovative company focused on service robots that enhances quality of life through robotic technologies, products and services.

    Our team is based in Hangzhou, China. We are developing autonomous service robots for that assistant people in everyday living and work. We need some help to improve our development process and get our robot shipped soon. We are looking for multiple
    experienced roboticists to work on mobile robot navigation and computer vision for our service robots.

    Position 1:
    As a robotics engineer, you will be involved in designing, implementing and testing systems for mapping, planning and localisation, context awareness. Excellent candidate will lead the research and development of our robot navigation in its environments.
    We have many challenging problems and will give you independence and flexibility to address them to create a complete product experience.


    - Solid knowledge of mobile robot navigation theory.
    - Proficiency with C++, Python, and Linux
    - Hands on experience in ROS development in a Linux environment
    - Experience with robots and sensor systems in the real world
    - Experience in Android development is a big plus.
    - Ph.D. or MSc (with 3 year experience ), BSc (with 5 years experience) in robotics or related field

    Position 2:

    As a Machine Vision Scientist you will lead the research and development of our robot’s image-based understanding of its environment. Specifically you will be responsible for developing and testing tools and algorithms in areas such as:

    Detection and recognition of people and object
    Place recognition
    Motion detection (of things in the environment) while stationary and while driving
    Feature tracking
    Image stabilization
    Object detection and tracking
    Visual odometry etc.

    -Expert knowledge in C++
    -Experience working with OpenCV
    -Experience applying machine learning to real-world vision problems
    -At least 3 years of experience designing, implementing, and tuning computer vision algorithms
    -M.S./Ph.D. or B.S. and 5 years experience in computer science or related fields

    Desirable skills:

    -Experience with deep learning algorithms or toolkits
    -Experience with sensor fusion or multimodal perception
    -Experience with embedded hardware development
    -Experience with Python
    -Experience with GPU computing.
    -Experience in Android development is a big plus.

    If you are interested in creating sophisticated robot, or building a company and have a strong desire to make difference in robot revolution, we would like to hear from you.

    Please submit resume, letter of motivation, and (a link to) any supporting materials (personal profile, open source contribution, project etc.) by email to Ricky Li : lirj【at】amyrobot.cn

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