• Second Call for Papers: Autonomous Robots and Agents @ FLAIRS 2016

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    Autonomous Robots and Agents
    A Special Track at the 29th International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS 2016)

    May 16 - 18, 2016
    Key Largo, Florida, USA

    The Florida AI Research Society (FLAIRS) hosts the conference in cooperation with the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) since 1988 so FLAIRS is one of the oldest AI conferences. The 29-th conference is organized at the Hilton Key
    Largo Resort, USA on May 16-18, 2016.

    The special conference track on Autonomous Robots and Agents welcomes papers from all areas bridging AI techniques and robotics applications. The goal of the track is bringing researchers for now diverted areas of robotics, intelligent agents, and
    artificial intelligence back together to work on novel integrated approaches for development of autonomous systems, both physical and virtual.

    The special track is aimed to AI researchers who apply their research results in real environments using real or virtual agents/robots and to robotics researchers who are enhancing capabilities of their robots by higher-level reasoning. Papers and
    contributions are encouraged for any work bridging the AI methods and robotics.

    Topics include:

    * system architectures bridging sensory and action elements with reasoning capabilities
    * perception, processing and action: sensors, vision, motion systems
    * planning domain/world representation for real-life problems
    * automated extraction/acquisition of planning domain/world models
    * goal directed autonomy
    * motion, path, and action planning
    * planning and execution
    * robot control and behavior: localization, navigation, planning, simulation, visualization, virtual reality modeling
    * evolutionary and cognitive robotics
    * entertainment robotics
    * applications of autonomous intelligent robots: robots for exploration, service, hazardous environments, ...
    * intelligent virtual agents, autonomous characters, and computer games

    Publication and Paper Submission:

    Interested authors should format their papers according to AAAI formatting guidelines. The papers should be original work (i.e. not accepted, in submission, or submitted to another conference while in review). Papers should not exceed 6 pages (4 pages
    for a poster). For FLAIRS-29 the reviewing is a double blind process. Fake author names and affiliations must be used on submitted papers to provide double-blind reviewing. Papers must be submitted as PDF through the EasyChair conference system, which
    can be accessed through the main conference web site (http://www.flairs-29.info/). Authors should indicate the Autonomous Robots and Agents special track for submissions. The proceedings of FLAIRS will be published by the AAAI. Authors of accepted papers
    will be required to sign a form transferring copyright of their contribution to AAAI. FLAIRS requires that there be at least one full author registration per paper.

    Important dates:

    * Paper submission deadline: November 16, 2015
    * Notification of paper decisions: January 18, 2016
    * Final version of papers due: February 22, 2016

    Track Organizers:

    Roman Barták, David Obdrzálek

    Program Committee:

    Dimitris Alimisis, European Lab for Educational Technology - EDUMOTIVA, Greece Richard Balogh, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
    Sara Bernardini, King's College London, UK
    Branislav Borovac, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
    Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, West Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, (HESSO.heigvd), Switzerland
    Esra Erdem, Sabanci University, Turkey
    Tara Estlin, NASA JPL, USA
    Malik Ghallab, LAAS-CNRS, France
    Vaclav Hlavac, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
    Sven Koenig, University of Southern California, USA
    Miroslav Kulich, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
    Daniele Magazzeni, King's College London, UK
    Suruz Miah, Bradley University, USA
    Andrea Orlandini, ISTC-CNR, Italy
    Libor Preucil, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
    Frederic Py, MBARI, USA
    Mark Roberts, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
    Martin Saska, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
    Michael Zillich, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

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