• Seeking low-cost self-contained motor controller

    From cadcoke5@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 20 14:52:49 2015
    I am seeking a basic programmable motor controller. I am familiar with the Elmo brand motor controllers, and they generally have the kinds of features I want, plus more. But the cost for their controller is a problem, especially since I need to control
    3 axes. My motors draw less than 1 amp at 24v.

    I would like to pre-set the following for a set of 3 DC motors.

    1) Set Acceleration/acceleration speed.
    2) Set max speed.
    3) Go to preset points by closing a contact.
    E.g. press button A to go to position A.
    4) Recognize limit switches.
    5) Allow user to control position using a joystick.

    I realize that I can use an Arduino with a motor controller, but as soon as you start adding quadrature encoders, it gets to be a pain. And, while I used to do some programming year ago, I would rather not have a major learning hump to get over.

    Does anything like this exist at the hobbyist level?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • From cadcoke5@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 25 06:01:42 2015
    I found what will work for one part of the machine I am designing. It is available from www.Northern Tools.com. They were designed to work with their linear actuators, with potentiometer.

    One model, Item# 27313, costs $70, and will store 3 positions for a single actuator. Another model, at $100, will control two separate actuators and keep them in sync. These controllers, and the linear actuators they sell, are actually made by
    Concentric International.

    I still need to get something that will work with rotary actuators. I know I could get a rotary potentiometer, but I really would prefer to avoid potentiometer, do their poor reliability.

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