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    ROSDevDay2020: A Practical Conference About Robot Programming with ROS Registration Deadline: 23 JUNE 2020
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    Dear all,
    The 3rd ROS Developers Day (ROSDevDay2020) will be held on 27 June 2020.
    ROS Developers Day is a hands-on online event for robot operating system developers. The event aims to connect ROS developers around the world without geographical restrictions and to share and learn the latest ROS applications through real-time practice.

    At this conference, the world’s top ROS developers will bring us their latest results through a webcast. All participants will practice in real-time on any type of computer while the speakers are presenting. With a ready-made ROS project, participants
    will be able to launch the robot simulation, access the project’s code, start developing control algorithms…without any previous setup.


    This year you will learn from the following ROS developers:
    Louise Poubel (Open Robotics): Hands-on with Ignition and ROS2
    Alejandro Arnal Espinola (Robotnik): Working with Mobile Manipulators
    Victor Lopez Boya (Pal Robotics): Creating Robot Statistics Easily
    Francisco Martín (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos): ROS2 Planning System for developing Robotic Intelligent Behaviors
    Raffaello Bonghi (Robotics Scientist): Choosing an embedded board ROS enabled Eduardo Ponz Segrelles (eProsima): Server-Client Discovery: an alternative node discovery mechanism for ROS 2
    Pablo Garrido Sánchez (eProsima): Introduction to micro-ROS: getting started with Zephyr
    Andrei Kholodnyi (Wind River): How to cross-compile ROS2 distro by taken VxWorks RTOS as an example
    Oscar Lima (DFKI): ROSPlan, a framework that provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system
    Max Wittal (Neobotix): Automatic charging of robots with neo-docking package
    [ SPONSORS ]

    Thanks to our sponsors:

    Robotnik (https://robotnik.eu/)
    eProsima (https://eprosima.com/)
    Micro-ROS (https://micro-ros.github.io/)
    NEOBOTIX (https://www.neobotix-robots.com/homepage)

    The Construct www.theconstruct.ai
    You can contact us with questions & doubts here: info@rosdevday.com

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